Groups from around the world unite to form a network of mutual support. We all have the same aims: to get treatment for people with CCSVI.

We know every country has its own legal system and health care provisions but there are many commonalities: Australia have their Equal Opportunities Legislation and we in the UK have our very useful Equality Act. The USA have their own unique health care provision, as do individual countries within Europe and beyond. Human Rights however are a global issue, monitored by the WHO.

Currently VITAL are asking our members and associated groups in this country to help us gather statistics about the number of MS diagnoses, along with any CCSVI interventions done. We are constantly lobbying our Members of Parliament, the Department of Health and the National Health Service. We write to NICE and to newspapers, we talk to people on Facebook and now thanks to CCSVI Ontario we have entered into partnership with other groups in Canada and Australia.

Hopefully we will shortly be joined by two other groups from the USA. This partnership will be mutually beneficial and the successes of one group will show the way for others.