Vital Action


1. Click here for a letter to inform your doctor about Prof Zamboni's theory and CCSVI.

2. Click here for a letter to ask your doctor for number of MS patients in their practice.

3. Click here for a letter to ask to be referred to a specialist for diagnosis. Make sure that you

do not refer to Multiple Sclerosis in your letter.

4. Click here for a letter to your MP asking him or her to refer your concerns to the DoH

Letters we have written and received from NICE, the report of the meeting which took place on the 14th July 2011 can be found here: Report of NICE meeting.

On the CONTACTS page you can find email addresses for people to contact at NICE regarding the consultation process.

Coming soon.

Letter to Prof B Campbell

(NICE chair)

Response from NICE

Some sample letter templates pdfs you can download:

Click here for a list of MPs that have spoken on Health issues in Parliament.

Copies of letters to MPs, MSPs, Health Ministers etc

pdf of all Scottish political letters written in January 2012

There have been some small changes in attitude over the past few months, but there still is a long way to go.