Vital Action


We need one or two people who could be the focus of a court case: after consultation with the legal firm Irwin Mitchell (solicitors to Ann Rogers in the Herceptin case), the solicitor said that the case would qualify for legal aid. However this is the process that needs to be followed before the solicitor can proceed, all requests should be made in writing and correspondence should be recorded:

•Request to GP for referral to a vascular specialist for investigation of

venous insufficiency. It is crucial that the MS diagnosis is in not quoted

as the reason for referral.

Refusal of either referral or investigation: if the refusal is unexplained,

request a letter outlining the specific reasons as soon as possible.

Appeal: referring to the reasons given for the refusal.

Refusal: the appeal is turned down

Legal: at this point the solicitor will get involved.

The most important thing we need is a case on which to base this process so we are putting out our own appeal for as yet untreated people to come forward and act as a focus for the above process. The whole process is entirely confidential and the appeal panel is unaware of the individuals details. Any such volunteer could rest assured that their privacy will be respected at all times. We are willing to support anyone who wanted to go through this process, be it going to meetings, writing letters and fund raising.

This is the link to the NHS Choices page which outlines the complaints procedure:

An example of how a complaints procedure might be handled: