Vital News

Pieces of news in the offing: NICE should be publishing their guidance for CCSVI treatment in March, there may be a couple of events coming up in April and May, and follow up news from the ISNVD conference in Orlando.

Charles Woodfield spoke of Atlas instability and CCSVI: The atlas is the bone that supports the skull on the spine. He spoke of the treatment chiropractors delivered that straightened this bone in the matter of minutes and had a very positive result on peoples balance and mobility, as well as their improved blood flow.

Lastly we heard from Kirsty Duncan MP who we all know is a great advocate for CCSVI treatment in Canada. She went through the events that had led her to the second reading of Bill C280 on the 15th February. Although at the time of the reading a vote was taken which decided that the motion would not be adopted, apparently this is not the final vote which has yet to take place and Kirsty is hopeful that her bill will win through as she is getting a lot of cross party support.

The last event of the day was a Q&A session, which mostly covered what had already been discussed earlier.