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To deny this treatment is in clear breach of the Equality Act 2010.The VITAL initiative intends to secure investigation, treatment and follow up for all people with Venous Insufficiency on the NHS in the UK.

Mr. Campalani - Cardiovascular Surgeon: “Continuing to deny patients a treatment as common as angioplasty because they have MS is unjustified.

I don’t understand how they can sustain such a lie, angioplasty is not a treatment of MS it is a treatment of a vascular abnormality and the citizen has the right to receive for free an approved procedure. That’s all. In my hospital they do 1500 angioplasties a year, it is a routine, everyday procedure and to forbid it, to take it away, not to offer it to the patient, is a capital sin.”

Mr Gianfranco Campalani


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Some people have been really instrumental in changing perceptions about CCSVI. Most of them had a good reason for doing so, all of them had the capacity to make things happen and in spite of many set backs, barriers are coming down and medical authorities are beginning to take note. We thank all these people who have changed the thinking on Multiple Sclerosis.

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